Thursday, August 31, 2006

Office Tardiness Policy...

I just thought this was too funny.. I wish this would happen at a meeting where I was in attendance.. I'd BUST out laughing.. I'm sorry, but if it were me, I'd kick his ARSE!!! I'd be quoting the last sign I wanted to post at my desk (refer to previous post)...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Loc Update...

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So, I've just entered my 9th month of my lock journey. I can't believe it's been that long since I embarked on this journey. Time has certainly been flying by.

My patience with this process has improved tremendously since the beginning. I've learned that it will do it's thing in the time that it needs. Not that I ever tried to rush the process, but I've wondered what my locs would look like at each phase and I still do. I am definitely excited to see where I'll be at my one year anniversary on December 29th of this year and where my locs will be in a year from now.

I have gained so much inspiration and have learned so much about myself thus far. I can say that I expected to learn a bit, but I think I've gained an understanding that I didn't expect. I thank all the people in my life that have been and continue to be supportive.

I can't believe this is the way my locs look now, in comparison to the way they looked on the first day of this process:

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They have certainly transformed and I love the fact that I don't have to announce that I'm locking my hair any longer. It's clearly evident. I can't believe that I came from not being able to wash my hair for the first 2mths and then having it unravel and rebel, to them actually locking now!!! YAY.

I'm excited to see what the future holds in store for me and my locs. Only time will tell and I remain excited with this process!!!.... Nat

PS - I just had a retwist appointment with my loctician yesterday and she feels at the rate my hair is locking, my babies will be mature locs by January of next year. That will be right when they turn 1yr old. I was so excited to hear that since I've always been told it takes anywhere from 12 - 18 months to achieve maturity. I always thought I'd be on the ladder end of that equation, but I'll be on the lower side. How exciting is that??? Wuuu-Whooooo!!!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Signs posted at my desk...

Ok, now that I'm back in a nice/relaxed work environment where people are actually sociable and have a sense of humor, I've posted the following signs at my desk. Tell me what you think:

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Now depending on my mood, the kind of day I'm having, or who is approaching my desk, these are the optional signs I'd like to post accordingly.. Let me know how you think they'd go over with my co-workers.. LMAO!!!

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I think you get the point. Until my next entry....

Monday, August 28, 2006


Ok, I need some help understanding what the hell is wrong with Dennis Rodman. I received an email with these recent photos attached of him at a book signing. I know that his career is dead and I guess it's a matter of selfless promotion, but at what cost?

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WTF? I mean really. I know that some folks are in desperate need of attention, but this is taking it to a level that it doesn't need to be taken. I know he probably has some 'happy' (trying to be PC) tendancies and isn't ready to accept it yet, but should we have to see this? Can't he just be a closet cross-dresser like most of them are? He's not an attractive man to begin with, IMO, so for him to dress up as a woman is truly disturbing. It's like eye rape (Ouch, it hurts.. It really hurts).

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Now this profile shot was the kicker for me. Can we say RHINOPLASTY (let's all say it together out loud like a 3rd grade class.. LMAO). Again, eye rape.. HA! My eyes are burning, how about yours?

I can't even take him anymore. I'm done.. LOL

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Naptural Dinner Party...

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Last night I hosted a naptural dinner party for a few friends and some fotki friends I'd yet met in person. To say we had a ball is simply an understatement! It was mojitos and laughs all around.

Ladies, I was so happy to entertain you in my home, and I mean that figuratively and literally. I definitely plan on keeping in touch with the new ladies I met. We will definitely have to do it again very soon. And now that you know where I live, you're welcome to come hang out (smile).

Kris (aka Little Kitty.. LMAO.. I couldn't resist that one girly) - You Rock!!! It was so great to talk to you at length this time around. I appreciated our conversation and hearing about your experiences. You have inspired me with your experiences of weight loss and I hope to follow in your footsteps.

Chrissy (aka Roj Raid.. sure u were saying it that way on purpose, we believe you.. NOT!) - You're still FIRED, but I love you anyway. I'm happy that we've become even closer in the past months and I hope it continues. We've been friends for so long, but we're finally sisters. I love you and I am so excited that we're experiencing this natural journey together!

Porcha (aka Pocket Knife Wonder, SON!!! LMAO) - My road raging, PMS havin', commuting buddy. You were as much fun as you always are; interpretive dance/warrior yoga pose and all!!!! HA! Thank you so much for all the help you gave me on Saturday in preparing for the dinner party. I know you're still toying with the idea of locking and you know I'm all for it. Thanks for giving me a slight head start since you have all that hair to begin with WHITE GIRL!!!!!!!! Couldn't resist sticking that in!!! It's all love baby!

Deidre (aka Stilettos - It was such a pleasure to meet you in person. I've enjoyed your fotki album and now I can put a personality with the face. I love your freeness and openess. I loved the fact that you felt comfortable in my home and know that you're always welcome. I can't wait to hang out again. And btw, even if I can only wear them for 10mins, I still want those bad ass shoes, for the record!

Angelle (aka Rufetta.. HA!) - You my dear are such the character. Your laughter is infectious. I loved hearing your hearty laugh, especially after you had that good ole Mojito induced buzz going on!!! I'm so happy that I got a chance to meet you and get to know you. I'm so happy that we live so close by, so we'll definitely have to get together in the future. If you thought I made you laugh, just wait until you take me out in public! Don't be a stranger or I might have to come to Columbia and hunt you down!!!

LaLa (aka The JW Pioneer) - Girllllll, we have so much to talk about and so much in common. Shared experiences and all. Since you know how close I am to your 'honey', you'll have to come and hang out some time. Get away from the kids and all. I don't know about you moving in and all, but you can spend the night every now and then if ya just wanna get away from it all (Calgon, take me

Again ladies, I had a ball and you were the reason why. I loved being able to cater to you like the queens you are 'In my country you are a QUEEN..' said in my best african accent! I can't wait to see all the photos in your respective fotki albums. We can't deny we were acting up since there are photos to prove it.. hehehehe!

And here's a little something you all will remember we talked about. Our little inside joke from the evening:
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Inspirations and continued blessings to you all,
Nat (aka Daisy Lou Bingo Romain) and don't ware it out.. HA!

Friday, August 25, 2006


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I can't believe I'm just getting around to posting this here because I was quick to post information about this on my myspace blog, but forgot to add it here.

I don't know how familiar American audiences are with Sergio Mendes' full body of work, but he's a Brazilian artist that was popular in the 60's when he was with his band called Brasil'66. I'm sure you've heard of him because he had a very popular song called 'Mais Que Nada', which was a samba/bossa nova song that got a lot of air play. I was raised listening to him since my father was a man of international tastes when it came to music (he was a musician as well). I have listened to recent CD's that Sergio has released in recent years and loved them, but his latest is high on my list. It's called Timeless and it certainly is.

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Sergio has collaborated with Will I Am from the BEP's and created what I can best describe as a Neo-Brazillian-Hip-Hop sound. It's classic, or shall I say, Timeless (smile). On each song, he's collaborated with some of the best singers and musicians in music today, IMHO, like India Arie, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, John Legend, Stevie Wonder, Q-Tip, Justin Timberlake, etc. The only notable person missing, in my opinion was Lauryn Hill, but who knows if she would have been willing to contribute with her current stance on things (rolling my eyes.. lol). Anywho..... This CD is a definite MUST HAVE if you're a music lover. I rarely find CD's that I can put in the CD player and enjoy every track, this is one of those CD's.

You can find this CD pretty cheap if you purchase it used on Amazon, which is what I did. If you don't already have this album/CD in your collection, you're missing out.

Listen and enjoy....

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Personal Trainer HELL!

Ok, as I've mentioned before, I've embarked on a weight-loss journey. I don't know that I ever anticipated it would be one of the hardest things I've ever attempted to do until I actually started trying to change my really bad habits. Having said all of this, I realized recently that although I work out, I haven't seen much benefit. Maybe I should rephrase that, I've seen the benefit in that I haven't changed my unhealthy eating habits for the most part and have maintained the same weight for the past several months. What I was trying to say earlier is that I haven't lost any weight in some time, so the work outs haven't been benefiting me in the way that I want them to.

I've been watching this show called 'Work Out' on the Bravo network. On a sidenote, I'm just in love with Jackie, the gym owner. She's a lesbian and I'm straight, but she's hot (said like Paris Hilton). She has been working with a woman who came in and explained that she was instructed by her doctors that she needed to have gastric bypass. She was 275lbs and Jackie worked with her throughout each work out session. You could see that this woman was getting stronger and stronger with each workout and you could see the difference in her body as well. Jackie was also instructing her on what she could and couldn't eat. I watched and thought, that's what I NEED! I need a personal trainer. I have definitely come to that conclusion. I have a lazy streak in me and I need to be accountable to someone to get me out of that mode while I'm at the gym or working out in general. The weight doesn't help, in that it makes it difficult for me to do what I need to do, but if I don't, I won't ever loose it. VICIOUS CYCLE!!!!!!!! Arrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!! (smile).

My girlfriend got the name of a 'so called' positive natural trainer named Kai Ijeoma and passed that information on to me. Her business is called 'Body by Kia, Spirit by God', sounded good to me, right. I called this 'trainer' and I use that word sparingly today and she asked where I'd heard of her from. I kindly explained that I got her name 3rd person, but I was very interested in working with her and wanted information on her rates. She informed me that she only works with referrals from clients. My girlfriend was referred by a client and I explained it again. This 'woman'(I use that word sparingly too) told me that she liked to be in control of everything and unless I was a direct referral from a client, she wouldn't be able to work with me. By the time I got off the phone with her, I was feeling like...
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Now had I expressed that on the phone, I would have probably confirmed whatever reasoning she had for 'being in control' and not accepting my potential business. I was appalled and offended. She knew nothing about me before making this judgement/decision and I was simply stunned because I'd never heard of something like this. It's not even like she's running a straight business in that someone answered the phone as if it were a home number(sounding like her mother) and could barely take a message (mispronouncing my name and having me repeat my number more than once) all to have her return the call to tell me she wouldn't accept my business.

I'm still a bit angry as I write this post so if it's palpable, I apologize.

To Kai, the 'personal trainer', I say...
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'And that's all I have to say about that'- Forrest Gump


Sunday, August 20, 2006


I thought I'd share a little music. This is a favorite song of mine. Always puts me in a reflective mood and if you've never heard it before, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I love the video too!