Monday, June 09, 2008

Locked Beauty of the Month: La Sonya

Ok, I've been too busy to get around to posting the June Locked Beauty of the Month, but here she is La Sonya.

Not only do I love her locks, but I LOVE the choice she made to color them in a localized area with such flare. It gives her locks SO much character, not that they needed any help in that area.

I hope to one day build the courage to do this kind of drastic color to my locks. I love it so much, but even when I had loose hair, I was leary of coloring my hair and only did highlights about 3 times total. I've recently colored the tips of my locs burgundy and that was a huge step for me, so hopefully this means I'm growing bolder and will one day go all the way (fingers crossed.. lol).

Anywho, I think La Sonya is gorgeous and represents locs so well. She is beautiful and her locs just take her beauty to a higher level! She's also a very talented singer and performer.

Check her out: