Monday, July 31, 2006

Oprah's Weight Loss Boot Camp...

I Tivo'd Oprah's re-run of her show on her summer bootcamp for weight loss. I watched it over the weekend and I was intently listening to everything that was said. I recall seeing the original show at the end of last year and thinking 'I should do that', but I wasn't completely committed to the idea of doing what was necessary at the time, so I didn't. Now that I've begun my journey, I find myself at a plateau (completely of my own doing). I have not been sticking to the diet I set forth for myself. I didn't make any drastic changes to begin with because I'm approaching this realistically and more importantly, as a life change. You can't do fad diets for the rest of your life. But even though I approached this weight loss journey in a very realistic fashion, I realize that I'm not motivating myself as much as I should be. I realized a few weeks ago that I need to recommit myself to this journey and watching this show helped me to do that.

I've been sticking to the basic changes that I've made, like continuing to drink my water daily and seriously cut back on my soda intake, which was at an alarming level (shaking my head at myself.. lol). I've also continued to excercise, but not as regularly as I know is necessary. I also find that I don't truly push myself at the gym every time I go, which I know is necessary, especially at this stage to see some results that will encourage me to continue.

I went online to Oprah's site this morning and printed and signed the Boot Camp contract, that in part reads: "I realize that this contract is solely with myself and that it carries no rewards, penalties, or punishments other than those associated with the reflection of the strength of my character". I think that's a powerful statement and one I intend on keeping in mind. I am planning on posting this on my refrigerator in order to keep it in mind whenever I am getting something out of it to eat.

I acknowledge that my 2 biggest challenges in this journey are portion control and excercising. I'm a horrible over eater (add to that emotional eater) and I absolutely HATE to excercise. I am going to keep some key ideas in mind regarding portion control. My stomach is approximately the size of my fist. I shouldn't be eating meals that are much more than that. Also, I will try to reduce my intake of meats and when I do eat meat, since I'm a horribly carnivorous person, I will limit the size to no more than the size of my fist. Regarding excercising, I have recently started to attend the aerobics classes my gym offers. It's difficult for me to keep up with the class, but I'm burned out on weights and the treadmill, so I have to switch it up to keep myself motivated. I will eventually be able to keep up with the class and get myself moving as I know is necessary to conquer this battle.

I have approximately 65lbs to loose, so this will be no easy task, but I HAVE to do this and failure is not an option for me. I'm so unhappy with my weight and only I can change it and I will!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

New Job!

I'm pretty excited and happy today. I just got a new job!!! I was pretty stressed out in my current job. I had more responsibilities than I was ready to take on in the environment and I didn't like the office environment at all. I have worked in management positions for years, but this position wasn't for me. I didn't like the direction they wanted me to go in and I didn't feel comfortable expressing that. The new position is more money, less responsibility (in that I will only be responsible for my own work), and best of all, I can go back to wearing casual clothing to work every day (horrayyyyyyyyyy for jeans!!!). I loved that about my previous position and couldn't wait to be spoiled like that again.

I've never been so unhappy with a job like I have been with my current position. I am a very outgoing and happy person and I found myself working with a group of very guarded and anti-social people. I stuck it out for 6mths, but I found that it was starting to affect me. I have a very good work ethic and I started to simply not care about work and that made me feel horrible.

A close family friend passed away earlier this year and he was a person that was so full of life. Cancer deteriorated his strong body and killed him in less than 3mths. Seeing this happen to someone I'd always admired and loved enforced the theory that life is indeed short and you never know when the end is coming. So I decided that it's about quality of life. I put aside my fears of how it would look on my resume to have only been on a job for only 6mths and started looking for another job. I am so happy that I did. It wasn't worth staying at a job that made me unhappy and that I hate reporting to on a daily basis. It simpy wasn't worth the stress.

So, I'm off to a better opportunity and one that will relieve some of the stress I've been feeling of late. Thanks to all of my friends and family that have been supportive and helped me get thru this short, yet stressful time.

I love you all dearly!... Nat


This past weekend, my friend Giovanni visited from LA. He moved to Cali earlier this year to pursue an acting career. It's always been his dream and I'm so happy for him that he's pursuing it. My whole gang of friends came out Saturday night at Friday's for drinks, dinner, and laughs. We had a BALL!!! This is a shot a friend of mine took of me after a couple mojitos (mmm..)!

Here's a photo of Gio... Isn't he a cutie? All 6 feet, 4 inches of him.. lol. It's too bad we didn't get a photo together, but he was either snapping photos or I was, so at least I got photos of both of us. Guess I'll have to live with the fact that we're not in the same frame.. LMAO! We love and miss you Gio (aka Big Bird). It was wonderful seeing you babe. I wish you all the success in the world and you know I am so proud of you for following your dreams. How incredibly admirable of you!

Besos Papi!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

DC Naptural Gathering

I attended a DC Naptural Gathering on Sunday. It was small because it was put together last minute because Daria (BellaNoire) is moving to NYC this coming weekend and wanted to meet us before she left. I've been thinking about putting one together for some time, but I don't know enough people yet to do so, but I must say that I loved the fact that it was very small and intimate. We had wonderful, upbuilding conversation. More and more I realize that being natural is more than a simple hair style change, it's so much more than that. It's a mentality and it's beauty. I think we see the beauty in and learn so much about ourselves along this journey of napturality. Once you fully realize your beauty, it awakens you to so many other concepts. And I find that all of the naptural sisters I've met have been so laid-back and down-to-earth. No pretentiousness... Just beauty. Women who are comfortable enough in their own skin that they can and freely shower love on others. They shine like the Bright Souls that they are.

Daria - You are funny, full of life, a character, and a beauty all rolled into one.

Christina - I'm so happy you have embarked on your naptural journey and that we'll be experiencing it together.

Carla - Your tresses are beautiful and so are you.

Kristin - You reminded me of my sister Regine so much. I love your energy and your vibe of confidence. Keep on rockin' those stilettos girl. Do it for all of us who can't!

Jamel - Girl, I'm just in love with you. Your light beams and it was a joy to bask in it's warm glow. You are my inspiration on so many levels you don't even know. I can't wait to hang with you again and get to know you further!

Jacob - My little boyfriend. It was a pleasure being in your presence. You are what every child should be; happy and free!

Keep shining Queens; never dim your shine for the sake of the blind!
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Tuesday, July 04, 2006


So, it's the 4th of July and the country is celebrating it's independence. It makes me reflect about mine as well. I slept in this morning and did some movie surfing and came upon Amistad. I watched it yet again and although it made me sad, it made me reflect on my own life.

I am blessed to have all the things I have and the freedom I have in this country. I am brought to a revelation that so many before me have sacrificed so much, although by force, that it would be a waste for me to continue to sit around and not take full advantage of the freedom that I have.

I made many resolutions on my birthday, which I consider my personal new year, and it's time for me to start making them a reality. They are private, but will reveal themselves as time progresses. I will keep you posted (smile).

The photo on the right was taken of me today while I was taking my monthly loc update photos. This was my favorite of the bunch. What do you think? I'm entering my 7th month of locdom (is that a word?? lol) and I can't wait to see where my babies will be at the end of the year when I reach my 1yr anniversary. Feel free to check my fotki photo album for the other photos.

Enjoy the holiday... Peace