Thursday, March 29, 2007

Family Baby Shower...

I went to NYC this past weekend to attend my cousin Shirley's baby shower. This is her first child and she and her husband are elated. It's a boy!!!

I had a wonderful time seeing friends and family that I haven't seen in a couple years. Family is so great, aren't they??

Congratulations to Shirley and Tony. We can't wait to welcome your bundle of joy in early June... Another Gemini baby in the family, what could be better??? lol

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Star Jones-Reynolds Revisited...

Ok, I know I've discussed this already in my blog, but I had to revisit the Star Jones aftermath discussion because of the most recent photo I saw of her. The photo to the left, is obviously a before shot and now that she has a new gig on Court TV, they have her on the publicity trail at the moment. I saw this photo on the cover of People magazine while waiting to make my purchases at CVS and was appalled. She looks like a scare crow to me.

Again, I am fully aware that she was extremely unhealthy before undergoing the gastric bypass procedure, but she looks just as unhealthy now but on the opposite extreme. Does she look attractive and healthy to you or sick?

Is it just me????? Please let me know...

I want this dress!!!!

I'm a huge fan of Jennifer Hudson. I love the fact that she's talented, beautiful, and is a prime example of my mantra 'Thick is beautiful'. I've liked quite a few of the dresses and outfits I've seen her wear, but this dress is a MUST HAVE for me. I think it's flattering in the right places and has the ability to hide a multitude of sins.. lol. It's a simple enough dress, but I haven't seen anything like it in the stores.

Does anyone know where I might find this dress or something similar? I wonder who the designer is????? Thick girls UNITE!!! lmao I know, I'm silly.

Yet another loss....

So we've lost another locked person in the public eye. Rhonda Ross-Kendrick is the daughter of Diana Ross and Barry Gordy. She had some of the most beautiful locks I'd seen and now I find that she's cut them off. Again, I'm not complaining because I feel if you have locks, you must have them forever, it's just more and more celebrities that were sporting them are leaving them behind.

I liked the fact that locs were in the public eye and worn by celebrities and I'm noticing them less and less in that population. It's just sad, but I think her fro is gorgeous and she's still a very attractive woman. I just wish she kept her locs (womp, womp, wooooommmmpppp.. lol).

What do you think?

Weight loss update...

I got a kick out of that comic since that's how I've felt in the past.. lol.

So update time.... I've lost an additional 8lbs in the past 3wks. That's a total of 23lbs as of Monday March 19th and I've lost an additional 2lbs since, so that's a combined total of 25lbs. I have been on the diet for 6wks total, so I think those are wonderful results and completely unexpected, I might add!

I'm really excited about my progress and I'm cautiously optimistic to see where I am by the summer. I was able to wear a tunic yesterday that I bought last summer and was unable to comfortably fit. It was very tight in the mid-section and now it fits comfortably. I still have some articles of clothing that I have goals of getting into and I'll post photos of me wearing them as I am able to fit them.

Thanks so much for all the encouragement and I'll continue to keep you posted on my journey!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My first Spiral Curls...

I posted an inspiration photo of spiral curls and said I'd try the style and post the results, well here they are. Jamel did a bang up job and I'm loving my spiral curls. I'll post some follow-up shots as they fall and reshape. I'm sure they'll get cuter and cuter.

What do you think?

This was the inspiration photo:

Monday, March 12, 2007

I am not my hair?????

I know that India says she's not her hair and I'm aware of what that message meant, but does that really mean she can go out looking crazy? I'm all for expression and I want to think that this photo was taken after a she ran through a windstorm, but I just don't know. Even Chris Tucker had a look like, 'Can someone hand her a comb or a hat before you snap this photo?'. I think India's working on being a contestant for my Hot Mess 2007 competition.. LMAO!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Def Poetry Jam

I absolutely love this series. No matter the message and whether you agree with the words of the poets or not, the delivery is passionate and from the heart. So, I thought I'd share some poems that spoke to me when I heard them and might have the same affect on you. Tell me what you think...

P.O.W. (Prisoner of Words) - This poem really spoke to my heart. I find that there are many times that I bite my tongue and don't speak my truth.

Homeward - As a first generation American, this poem spoke to me in ways that only other first generation Americans could. We share experiences that others cannot understand. I felt every word of this poem.

Like... You know? - This poem speaks VOLUMES! I am always saying this when listening to people speak. The inflection at the end of their sentences as if to punctuate their statements with a question mark. Then there are the constant 'ya knows' that others punctuate their sentences with to the point that it becomes an unconscious verbal tick. I was so happy to hear this and know that I'm not alone in this thought; to this poem, I simply say AMEN!

I once saw Floetry perform on Def Poetry and it was soooo fly, but I've never been able to locate this clip. If anyone out there knows where I can locate it, please let me know.

What happened to Lil Kim?

When I posted my Hot Mess 2006 post, I mentioned that Lil Kim was a whole other post, so here it is. I have found some of Lil Kim's old photos and some of the recent photos I've seen. I am appalled that she is progressively looking worse and worse. She is turning into the modern female version of Michael Jackson.

I remember reading an article about her past and how she was a prostitute and has been thru some rough times in her life. It's rather obvious that she has some insecurities about herself which is why she began getting plastic surgery. It never ceases to amazes me that there are people that don't see themselves and how crazy they look. I'm aware that there are all sorts of levels of the body dysmorphic disorder (which is someone's excessive preoccupation with a real or imagined defect in their personal appearance), but one would think that someone in that person's life could simply show them a few comparison photos to get them to see that they need to leave themselves alone. There are VERY few cases where plastic surgery really makes a huge difference for the better unless you're fixing a birth defect or true deformity.

Having said all of this, can we discuss these comparison shots of Lil Kim....

These are some photos I found of Lil Kim after she admitted that she had a little surgery, but she still looked relatively 'normal'..

These days, she just looks absolutely crazy, in my humble opinon. You let me know if I'm off the mark on this or not...

There was also a time when Lil Kim went into a phase where she obviously wanted to look like a white barbie doll, but why? This first photo was one from a CD cover she did and when I saw it, I didn't even recognize her and when I read the cover and it said Lil Kim, I was shocked. And then there are photos where she continued to descend into the strangeness that is her these days. Can someone explain to me, what happened to Lil Kim?????

Hilarious commercial...

Everytime I see this commercial on television, it makes me crack up. It's a Dairy Queen commercial for their DQ Flamethrower Burger. I thought I'd post it so it can make you laugh as well. You may not think it's as funny as I do, but I'm sure you'll laugh regardless.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Loc Style...

I came across this loc style on a website and thought it was too cute. I know it's just spiral curls, but I like the way it looks at this length of locks and I think I'll have to try it myself.

Just thought I'd share it in case anyone else gets inspired by the pic too. Let me know if you try the do and take some pix so I can see the results! I'll be sure to post my pix when I try it.