Thursday, October 07, 2010

Locked Beauty of the Month: Luna Angel

The locked beauty of the month is Luna Angel. Luna is a singer and she models her mother's clothing designs. She's based in LA and is working on her sophomore album release. Luna comes from a longtime musical family. She wrote, produced, arranged, and released her first album in 2005 called 'Move With Me'.

Luna Angel is a beautiful example of natural beauty and more importantly, locked beauty!

Autumn in New England!

I went to New England this past weekend to visit family and had a blast. Autumn in New Hampshire is a beautiful thing! I went apple picking with my second cousins and then we went through an 8 acre corn maze. It took us an hour to find the end, but we did it (lol) and I got my exercise for the week in that hour. I'm posting a few photos for you to enjoy. Just click on the photo to enlarge the view!

Enjoy the photos..