Monday, December 31, 2007

2yrs of Lockdom...

Year 2 in review...

I reached my 2yr lociversary on December 29th, 2007!

I'm so happy to report that I am still in love with my locks and this journey! I am still learning so much about myself. Acceptance of self is a profound thing, yeah? I have found a lot of inner beauty that I was unaware of. I don't have to be prim (sp? lol) and proper all the time and my hair can be natural/messy/unneat (is that's even a word?) and still be beautiful!

I have been able to redefine my measure of beauty in the past couple years and that's a huge gift. If you are on the fence and thinking about going natural or locking your hair, I'd encourage you to do it. I won't lie and say that there won't be rough times and "bad hair days" in between or along the way, but overall, you will be so happy with your decision and your life will improve. There's nothing like enjoying your natural hair!

I'd always said that I wanted to live the life of a white girl and do whatever I wanted and not have to worry about my hair. Well going natural has done that for me. I can swim, exercise, etc. and not have to worry about my hair. White women have that freedom we pursue because their hair is natural (in the sense that they do not chemically alter the texture of their hair) and when we allow ours to be natural, we can enjoy the same freedom and liberation!!!

I'll include some updated photos soon, but until then, thanks so much for all the support and wonderful comments from my sisters online.

Stay beautiful and never dim your shine/light for the sake of the blind!


Saturday, December 29, 2007

Almost there...

Friday, December 07, 2007

Curly locs update..

I just realized that, although I updated my fotki album, I never updated my blog with how long my curls lasted. My spiral curls were done on October 27th and were mahvelous. I ended up washing them out on November 23rd, a few days shy of a full calendar month, but technically 5wks later.

The photos are showing the stage of the curls right before I washed them out. I could have definitely gone a few more weeks with the curls, but my dry scalp wasn't having it since it was flaking. I cleansed my scalp a couple times throughout the 5 weeks, but it was time for a proper wash. The only thing I did to maintain my curls was retwist the front row of my locks when they got a bit bushy (since I sweat a lot) and spray them with ORS (Organic Root Stimulator) Olive Oil Sheen as needed to moisturize them. Unlike most, I don't wrap my locks at night any longer, so I didn't while I had the curls either. I sleep on a satin pillow case instead. I think the key to achieving curls that last is allowing them to fully dry before removing the rollers. I sat under the dryer for two and a half hours since my hair tends to hold moisture. That was the key to longevity for me.

Thanks for all the compliments on the style and I hope when you try it, you'll love the outcome as well!

PS - I added an instructional video I found on youtube of how to achieve this look on my blog, so check it out if you're not sure how to do it. Let me know how it turns out for you!

December Locked Beauty of the Month: Zee

This is a Myspace friend of mine. She is a FIERCE makeup artist and a generally fly chick. She has a wonderful spirit and it doesn't hurt that she is gorgeous too. Her locks are always as fly as she is and she's an inspiration to me.

Stay beautiful sis...